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Jeff Spears has been working professionally in LED sign Design for over 15 years. He’s a Dallas Texas based company providing LED resources to companies.
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About E. Jeff Spears: Professional, motivated and highly adaptable entrepreneur in the LED sign industry who’s spent his entire life in various profitable business ventures. Fully committed to providing and implementing compelling solutions to the ongoing objectives of the LED design business.  Jeff Spears is eager to proactively spearhead the long-term success of his companies and the people around him, while his greatest joy is to conceive an idea, become obsessed with it and bring it to fruition. A strategic thinker and innovative manager specializing in new business development, market share and growth opportunities.
Texas LED Direct Launches New Website to Showcase Expanded Services
Today Texas LED Direct announced the launch of a new website; following the expansion of solutions offered to its customers implemented in September....
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“We treat each of our clients like our life depends on them…. because it does”
My name is Jeff Spears, I created this blog to help inform businesses about myself and the services I offer for the LED Sign industry....
What is Better, Graphics Or Brighter Text? Which Has A Better ROI For LED Signs?
Ask yourself this question: “With my product/service is a picture worth a thousand words or does it take a thousand words to describe my product/service?”
Impact of LED Signs
LED Displays will impact your business,but only if you choose to utilize them. LED Displays advertise your custom-made messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to your existing passing audience.... 

E.Jeff Spears
At Texas LED Direct we also have instituted a starter program for first time buyers who are unsure of the effectiveness of an LED System or presently limited on funds at this time. We will design a system for you to fit your present budget and within one year of purchase you wish to upgrade to a larger or multi colored system, we will give you 100% credit when you purchase a larger or multi colored system from Texas LED Direct.

No we are not used car salesmen, simply a small Dallas based company who understand our customers needs and strive to meet them with a good deal for all involved.

  • Manufacturing and marketing background
  • Developed personal relationships with off shore manufactures
  • No commissioned sales staff
  • Instant quote with first phone call